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CBD and THC gummies are a delicious and precise way to get your dose of cannabis. CBD gummies, in particular, are a very popular product for consumers who don’t wish to experience the psychoactive “high” from THC but do want a calming effect. People suffering from insomnia will often take CBD or CBD + Indica cannabis to fall asleep quickly and remain asleep for a restful night. Patients suffering from inflammation and pain often choose CBD gummies when they don’t want the effects of feeling “high.” Gummies are most effective when allowed to dissolve in the mouth or on the tongue. Mass Wellspring CBD gummies dispensary around Boston also contain vegan and gluten-free gummies!

CBD Gummies Dispensary

Why purchase CBD gummies and products through a licensed dispensary and NOT online?

Since CBD is not regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), anything goes. Recently, the FDA randomly tested a variety of well known CBD products sold online and in stores that are NOT licensed dispensaries. More than 90% of the products tested DID NOT contain what was claimed on the label and/or made unwarranted claims about their products. Some didn’t contain CBD and others contained hazardous chemicals. Even if they claim their products are tested, the state in which they are sold does not guarantee the companies are being honest about their products. Basically, there is no oversite or regulation, so it is “Buyer Beware!”

In Massachusetts, licensed dispensaries MUST have their products independently tested so that all claims on the label are accurate. Each cannabis product is tracked meticulously, so that every gram is accounted for and traced from seed to sale. Therefore, licensed dispensaries, such as Mass Wellspring, are a safe and legal product where you know exactly what you are purchasing and you know it is organically grown, tested for heavy metals, mold, pesticides, herbicides and toxic chemicals. Mass Wellspring cannabis/marijuana/weed is of the highest quality, pure, organic flower you can buy in our dispensaries around the Boston area.

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THC Gummies

THC gummies Boston Massachusetts are among the most popular forms of edibles for patients and recreational users. They come in a variety of delicious flavors and concentrations. Like other THC containing edibles, it is important to consume products you are unfamiliar with in a conservative fashion. START LOW AND GO SLOW is the mantra- start with a very low dose (especially if you a newbie) and wait 2-3 hours before consuming additional THC containing edibles. If you do wish to eat THC products after waiting this time, slowly increase the amount in low increments. Many edible consumers make the mistake of seeing a tiny gummy and think it couldn’t possibly be potent; or they wait 1 ½ hours (or sometimes 2 hours), not realizing the crescendo effect of THC is about to take place. Give it time- don’t rush. If you take this slow/low approach you should have an amazing experience of euphoria, well-being and a reduction in pain and inflammation. Gummies are most effective when allowed to dissolve in the mouth or on the tongue. Mass Wellspring dispensaries around Boston also contain vegan and gluten-free gummies! Buy marijuana gummies at Mass Wellspring for a delicious experience.

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